Smart, Simple
Financial Planning

alvarPlan™ makes financial planning simple for Financial Advisors. Provide your clients with the insights and guidance they need to make smart financial decisions.

Create comprehensive financial plans
for your clients in 20 minutes.

Financial Plans That Make Sense

Guiding your clients to make smart financial decisions is complex. There are a lot of factors to consider; these are recommendations that will affect your clients' financial futures.

alvarPlan™ provides the process, expertise and reassurance that you're making the right recommendations for your clients. It lets you create a personal financial plan for a client in under 20 minutes.

You'll deliver for your clients a plan they can act on:

  1. A smart, easy to understand summary of their finances
  2. A roadmap of their financial plan
  3. Comprehensive and supporting financial reports

The result, provide your clients the information and insights they need to make important financial decisions right away.

Managing Compliance and Risk

alvarPlan™ is designed for the compliance and risk requirements of financial organizations.

Compliance is built into the foundation of alvarPlan™. The system centralizes the approval and audit processes. It allows you to manage the compliance rules and policies across your organization, division or group.

Security first

alvarPlan™ is designed to protect your data.

The software is hosted on a private cloud dedicated exclusively to our clients. Our data centre has guaranteed uptime and is backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements and 24/7/365 onsite monitoring of all environmental, operational and security systems.

Financial Advisors operate in a secure environment. Every financial plan created in alvarPlan™ uses a secure internet connection anywhere at any time. Local or remote, all of your client information is encrypted and kept safe.

A consistent brand experience

Lead with your brand first. alvarPlan™'s user interface and reports are clearly labelled with your logo, trademarks and brand.